Østersøparken Camping store is open

every day from 7-12 and from 14- see closing hours in the door.

We sell freshly baked bread every day.
The store has an assortment of groceries such as milk, yoghurt, cheese, wine, cold beers and water, newspapers and magazines, gas and ice cream.

We sell Krenkerup beer and Marielyst wine and also the local honey from Marielyst. A selection of items from Helsam, also Urtekram is something we can offer.

An Irish Coffee, coffee/tea, other beverages and ice cream can be enjoyed in our lovely area around the store.

In the store you can also find a small tourist information with flyers for attractions and sights.


If you need a fishing license, we will do it right away.

Control report

Control report – click here.

Østersøparken Camping
Bøtøvej 243
4873 Væggerløse

Tel: +45 5413 6786


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