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Østersøparken is open from 23 March 2024 to 22 September 2024

Opening hours in the Shop

Opening hours for the shop in the low season:


All days 8.00-9.00 a.m (You can order breakfast bread and pick it up during that time)


Opening hours for the shop in high season:

All days 7.00-20.00


In case of accident/fire

Dial 112 give the address Østersøparken Camping, Bøtøvej 243, 4873 Væggerløse, and immediately contact the staff


Waste sorting

We sort wast at Østersøparken Camping. Household waste, cardboard, metalcans and bottles are separate. There is obvious signage. 

Large waste: For example a broken chair, grill, coffeemaker and more, must be taken to recycling station at Godthåbsvej - ask at the front desk and we will guide you there. It is free for you,

Østersøparken Camping is forced to pay 200 DKK everytime we have to clean up after a camper that doesn't respect this rule.



Is not allowed at Østersøparken Camping.


Day visitors

Must always sign in at the front desk. The price is 15 DKK for an adult and 10 DKK for a child.

Fish table

The area around Østersøparken Camping is good for fishing. That is why we have set up a small area for cleaning your fish. The fish waste must be wrapped, put in a plastic bag and thrown in the dumpster. 



In the laundry room is a freezer for cooling elements. Usage of the freezer is your own responsibility.



Camping equals barbeque, but under specific conditions. A one-time grill must always be placed on a brick and never directly on the ground. Ask at the front desk and we will assist you. 

For the sake of fire hazard, one-time grills and grill charcoal must be dumped in the barrels, that are located next to the waste stations, never in a bush. With so many people visiting a camp site you are allowed a lot, but always with care of yourself and others.


Disabled facilities

At Østersøparken Camping we have a disabled toilet and shower. Ask at the front desk for a key.



Østersøparkens Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is located in front of the shop, facing Bøtøvej.



Are very welcome at Østersøparken Camping, but must always, with no exception, be in leash and walked outside the site. 1 km from Østersøparken Camping is located a lovely dog forest – ask at the front desk. Dogs are free, apart from in cottages. Price for dogs in cottages, look under "Cottages".


Kitchen facilities

Is free for to use by campers.



The jumping cushion is open from 09:00 to 12:00 and again at 14:00 and until 21:00. The jumping cushion will close in case of rain, due to safety. The jumping cousin is approved by the Danish Technological Institute and the Police yearly. Table tennis bats, balls and net can be borrowed at the front desk. Petanque court is located on Holgers Plads and petanque balls can be borrowed at the front desk.



Østersøparken Camping possess several mooncars. The mooncars are for everyone. That means that no children are allowed to "park" at home by the tent/caravan/RV. All mooncars must parked back at the "garage" no later than 22:00. None of the mooncars can go past the gates and must be kept on the site. It is free to rent the mooncars, but requires a 10 kr. or 20 kr. coin that will be returned when the bike is placed back. (1 € can also be used)

Charging of cars

Charging of cars only by appointment


Quiet on the site

There must be quiet on the site from 22:00 and until 07:00. It is up to the individual parent to keep their children quiet.



Østersøparken Campings cottages are smoke free, as is other indoor common facilities.


Toilet og shower facilities

At Østersøparken Camping we have separate mens and ladies bathrooms and shower facilities. Additionally we have family rooms, that can be used by families with children under the age of 12 and always accompanied by an adult. If the adult is showering without the child or the child needs the bathroom without the adult, please use the other shower and toilet facilities. 

Taking a shower is free at Østersøparken Camping.


Please respect cleaning times that are posted on the doors to the toilets and showers.

Tourist information

At Østersøparken Camping we have a small tourist information with flyers from several attractions in the area.

Washing machine and dryer

We have a smaller laundromat. Tokens can be purchased at the front desk where we also sell soap and detergent.



Due to fire safety there must always be a minimum distance between units (caravan/tent/RV) of 3 meters. A good rule of thumb is to keep a minimum of 1,5 meters from lot line.

Think about this before you set up your tent.


Opening hours

The gate is open every day between 07:00 and 22:00.

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