Camping is a lot of things. Even if you arrive with tent as walking, bicycling or in car, with a caravan or RV,

there is room enough for everyone.

All the numbered lots are for both tents, caravans and RV's. You are free to choose between Østersøparken Campings numbered lots. There are different sizes.


At Østersøparken Camping you are free to choose between avaliable lots, and decide where you want to live. Our only demand is to keep 3 meters of spacing between you and other caravans or tents. All lots are in the vicinity of toilets and water taps. There is free wireless internet all over the site.

Season lots.
At Østersøparken Camping we also have season lots. As we are open all year for season lots, there are many opportunities for combinations of season lots. See more under "Prices". As a season lot holder, you have the option of buying a guestpass, for your visiting guests. All the lots have free wireless internet.



If you arrive with a tent, you can use one of our tent areas. The tent area is designed so that hikers and cyclists are separated from the campers who arrive in car. The second tent area is for bicycles and hikers only. You still have the option of choosing between all the other pitches on the camp site.

It is not possible to book a pitch in the tentarea, please book one of the pitches with a number.

The tent area are next to the dike, and have direct access to the beach  past the dike.

The tent area have table and benches, these are for cyclists and hikers.

All the tent areas have free wireless internet.


If you enjoy falling asleep to the sound of the waves, and waking up with the sun in your face, then try spending the night in our shelter. Our shelter can be booked online or by phone.


Standard RV lot

Here you have all options as normal campers. In addition, you are able to empty out waste water and refill with clean water.

RV  - Quickstop
We have 2 Quickstop lots outside the gate. These can be used from 21:00 and until 09:00 the next day. If you stay at Quickstop you are free to use toilet and shower in the facility building.


Electricity and wireless internet is not avaliable.

Quickstop is between 21:00 at night and 09:00 the next morning.


Cottages, tents and RV rental.
We can offer 3 different type of cottages. All the cottages are fully furnished and have kitchen tools. There are comforters and pillows. Cottage A has private toilet and shower. Cottage B and C have cold water, the toilet and shower is in the facility building. Cottage A and B have TV and DVD-player.

All cottages have cleaning at depature included in the price.

There is free wireless internet in all the cottages.

We offer 2 tents with room for 4. The tents are fully furnished. Comforters and pillows are not included. There is free wireless internet in the tents. All tents have cleaning at depature included in the price.


Click here for prices.


Due to fire safety, there is a required minimum distance of 3 meters between you and your neighboring units (caravans/tents/RV's)Think about that before you set up the tents. Cars, motorcycles and bicycles can be parked inside the 3 meters of space.



If you reserve/book a specific slot, we will do our best at keeping that lot free for your arrival. Luckily, it happens that many of our guests wish to stay longer than first informed. This can result in the lot not being available for your arrival, and since we don't like to tell our guests to leave, we have made sure to reserve an alternate lot for you.

Our terms of conditions can be seen by clicking here.

Onlinebooking - If you wish to book, click here:

Per Night


85,00 kr.


2-11 years old

46,00 kr.


Low season

30,00 kr.


Peak season - from 26/6 until 16/8

50,00 kr.


Winterseason 27/9-2020 untill 26/3-2021 per. kWh 3,75 kr.

39,00 kr.



Empty caravan

Peak season. Limited period

200,00 kr.

Empty caravan

Low season. Limited period

40,00 kr.

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Quickstop - 4 people max.

per night

110,00 kr.

Quickstop - extra person

per night

25,00 kr.

Quickstop is between 21:00 night and 09:00 next morning.

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Seasonal pitch

+ electricity connection + electricity usage

Pre-season standard - 3/4–28/6

3.950,00 kr.

Post-season standard - 14/8-27/9

2.800,00 kr.

Pre- and post-season standard - 3/4-28/6 + 14/8-27/9

6.200,00 kr.

Full season standard - 3/4-27/9

9.750,00 kr.

Full season luxury - 3/4–27/9

11.100,00 kr.

Winter season 27/9-2019 - 21/3-2020

3.700,00 kr.

Winter season. Have you already paid for a full season in 2020, there is no payment for new electricity connection.

Electricity connection


200,00 kr.

Winter season

200,00 kr.

Pre- and post-season

325,00 kr.

Full season

325,00 kr.

Electricity usage per kWh

Per kWh

3,75 kr.

Winter storage

Only for campers with full season.

1.500,00 kr.

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Østersøparken Camping
Bøtøvej 243
4873 Væggerløse

Tel: +45 5413 6786


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